Android or iOS – Which is better for trading mobile binary options?

We know of the bitter rivalry between Android and iOS users, just as Apple and Windows users are always at loggerheads. With binary options, one of the most frequently asked questions is which of the two mobile operating systems are better for trading binary options. Is Android better than iOS or is the iOS superior to Android for trading mobile binary options. In this article, we’ll try to objectively explore this topic so by the end, the reader is able to make an informed decision about which mobile OS is better.

Android is a mobile operating system that was developed by Google as an open source OS thus allowing for any mobile manufacturer to use Android on the mobile/smart phones. Android devices are more customizable compared to iOS devices which are limited.

However, when it comes to apps for Android and iOS there isn’t much of difference in functionality, with a few variations in the visual interface.

So, are mobile binary options better on Android or iOS devices?

The answer to the above depends on what smartphone you use and the processing power, battery usage and other such factors. Both Android and iOS are robust mobile operating systems and as such mobile binary options traders won’t really find any big differences between trading from an Android device or an iOS device.

But there are other factors such as the screen size and resolution of your smartphone that can directly affect the visual experience of trading mobile binary options. Besides the visual experience, the processing power of your smartphone is also an important factor. While most iOS devices come with standard processing features, due to the nature of Android mobile operating system and the availability of different handset manufacturers, the performance may vary, which would result in a poor performance of the binary options mobile trading app.

With iOS devices on the other hand, due to the standard models available in iPhones and iPads, the visual interface and functionality of the binary options mobile trading apps are specifically designed and optimized to work best with iOS devices.

In terms of security of the apps, both Android and iOS binary options mobile devices are well secured thanks to the stringent procedures put in place for apps to be accepted to the iTunes store or Google play.

If you are considering trading binary options on your mobile or smartphone devices and are contemplating as to purchasing an Android or an iOS device, we recommend that there aren’t many differences between these two mobile operating systems when it comes to binary options mobile trading. That being said, other factors that might play a role in deciding which smartphone or device to use for binary options mobile trading could be factors such as cost and the technical specification of the smartphone itself.

With the evolution of binary options trading, traders can also trade mobile binary options without accessing any apps via the mobile optimized web interface known as Webapps. Although available with every binary options broker, the most reputed binary options brokers do offer these features. The functionality might differ a bit between trading binary options from the Webapps and from the Android and iOS apps. Click here to read more about the differences between trading binary options from Webapps and apps.

To conclude, is of the opinion that Android and iOS are two of the best performing mobile operating systems available these days. Most binary options brokers offer mobile trading apps, compatible with both Android and iOS devices as well and the functionality is almost the same for these two. So if you want to trade binary options on your mobile make sure that you get yourself a decent smartphone with a big enough resolution and screen size as well as good battery power and performance. For better visual trading experience, you could also consider using an Android or iOS based tablet smart devices as well, which offer probably the best mobile binary options trading experience, outperforming even the smartphone binary options trading.

Last but not the least, make sure that you check with the binary options broker that you want to trade about the features and functionality they offer for their mobile binary options trading apps. It is also prudent to check with the binary options broker if they offer a mobile optimized website or webapp access as well. You can also read the mobile binary options broker reviews here to learn more.