StockPair Binary Options Broker: Their Way To The Top Broker Elite

stockpairStockPair has been around for seven years so far, and when they were established for the first time in 2010, they started out small only to rise to the top in the past five years as one of the most desirable brokers in the binary options industry. The secret to their success lies in the many novelties they came up with and observing the market from the clients’ point of view. The broker that understands its clients is the best broker you can find!

Sometimes, StockPair Options is considered an elite broker due to its high fees to open a premium account, but the quality and service you get for that price makes it worth the extra money. Also, it gives you the best odds to win it all back as the broker offers an intuitive set of tools which perform well. The broker is constantly on the quest for improvements and offers its clients secure and reliable features which have a direct outcome on your trading performance.

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The Platfrom And The Charts

Candlestick charts, daily charts, and Bollinger Bands are just some of the things you can find with StockPair Options. The platform offers an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and saves time as everything is clearly visible with a simple menu bar and ready-available tools. As a serious broker that cares about its clients, StockPair offers a smartphone app that runs on all kinds of operating systems enabling customers to take a peek at their trading scores in no time.

PairOptions and KIKO Options

StockPair came up with an excellent idea that somehow revolutionized the binary options market at a smaller scale. Namely, it is the first broker that introduced the PairOptions instrument that quickly became very famous in the market.

After the success of PairOptions, the broker added another novelty called KIKO Options to their offer which again proved to be a successful trading instrument and tactic.

PairOptions is one of the features that provide for a better trading turnout. Clients can simply pick the asset which will perform better between in a matching pair and wait for the outcome. If they pick right, they win. At StockPair, two pair trading varieties are at the disposal. First, there is trading Fixed Pair Options which means that the better-performing stock is defined from the beginning of the expiry period till it ends.

Floating Pair Options trading takes place in a fixed period of time which is selected in advance. Traders can choose different times, like a day, 24 hours, a week, etc. This trading instrument is dictated by similar rules as sports betting, especially when we are talking about floating pair options.

If a trader selects the favorite of the two matched stocks, their return will be lower and the winning profit does not usually exceed 15%. The more risky trades you enter, the bigger the profit rate which can go as high as 300%. Professional binary options traders know that it is better to keep your trades in the golden middle without risking too much.

It is better to win little by little than to lose all your money at once. Educated guesses are highly welcome at StockPair, and one should always make a distinction between trading and betting, and informed trading is what makes the difference in the highly volatile market.

Another new instrument that took binary options traders by storm are KIKO Options as they also represent a fast way of making money. Thanks to this instrument, traders can put a trade regarding which end will the asset first touch, the low end or boundary or the high end. Given that such a form of trading is dictated by the selected asset’s performance, it has no definite expiry date and takes as long as the asset does not touch one of the said ends.

If you make the right guess, you will be eligible for a payout, and if not, of course, no payout or money refund is available.


StockPair is one of the most accurate and punctual binary options brokers currently with their fast payouts and no additional fees. Reliability is a key factor at this company, and they do not make promises they cannot keep. The withdrawal policy is simple, and there is no maximum amount limit on your winnings. If you want, you can withdraw all you have got in one transaction. The time to process payments is two days. Also, many payment methods can be used from credit cards to e-wallets (Qiwi, Sofort, Neteller, Skrill, etc.).

StockPair Complaints

The only thing that makes StockPair unpopular is their high deposit policy on Premium accounts which start at $1,000 and end at $50,000. But, StockPair offers a range of quality tools for that price including numerous perks. For all those who cannot afford a Premium Account, there is still the regular one for $250.

The other setback for some of the clients is that StockPair only accepts USD, GBP, and EUR. Still, the three are the most frequent major currencies and the majority of users are just fine with that.


Many customers give all five stars to this excellent broker, especially for the platform, customer support, and payout policy, while a somewhat lower rating is given for account types and the bonus policy. Nevertheless, StockPair is a rising star in the industry with the potential to become the most dominant and best-known options broker.