Trading on the Weekend

When trading in the options arena, traders have the opportunity to profit a great deal – and for those who trade binary options, the ability to transact trades both during the week and on weekends can add an additional amount of profit potential.

Although investors can typically place their intended trades over the weekend through a traditional stock brokerage firm, these “after hours” trades will not actually be executed until trading has resumed on the following business day.

There are a number of binary options brokers that are open for weekend trading. In most cases, these platforms will typically allow trading of Above Below and/or Up Down binaries that have expiries of 30 or 60 minutes. Other binary option brokers may sell touch binary options that have an expiry on the following Friday within a specific time period during the weekend.

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Prof. Binary’s Trading Tip:

If you’re still not familiar with these terms and are not sure what options there are and how to trade with them you should take a look at our terms and explanations article. There you’ll find everything you need to know to understand everything in this article.

While binary option traders can choose their underlying stocks from the securities exchanges that are open for trading on the weekend, these traders may also find many companies that are listed on these markets for underlying assets on the binary options contracts that are offered by binary options brokers.

Why Trade Binary Options on the Weekend?

One of the biggest advantages to trading in binary options is that traders can place buy and sell transactions on the weekends when most other worldwide investment markets are closed. In so doing, binary option traders may have the opportunity to make a nice profit within a short period of time when trading options with 30 or 60 minute expiries over the weekend.

Where Can Binary Options Trades Take Place on the Weekend?

Unlike the U.S. exchanges, there are certain securities exchanges across the globe that are open during weekend days. For example, in the Middle East, the trading week will typically run from Sunday through Thursday in some areas and from Saturday through Wednesday in others. This allows binary options traders to actively enter and exit their trades when the underlying assets that are associated with these trades are listed on a market that is open.
Some of the major exchanges that are open for trading on the weekends include:

  • DFM Index – This index is based on the Dubai stock exchange, one of the major exchanges that is located in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Tel Aviv 25 Index – The Tel Aviv 25 Index is composed of the top 25 companies – based on their market capitalization – in the Tel Aviv Exchange. This exchange is the only market that is available for trading securities in Israel.
  • Kuwait Stock Exchange – The Kuwait Stock Exchange represents the stock index for the national Kuwaiti stock exchange that is inclusive of investment companies, banks, real estate, and insurance companies located in Kuwait.
  • Tadawul Index – This exchange is the only stock exchange that is located in Saudi Arabia.

As with trading binary options at any other time of the week, it is similarly important to monitor any news or events that may affect the price of an option’s underlying asset prior to placing a trade. This may help a trader to more accurately predict whether the price of the underlying asset will rise or fall.