How to Gamble with Binary Options

There are many articles on the internet, which claim that binary options are a type of gambling. To determine if binary options are trading or gambling, we need to focus on the definition of these terms. Once we observe the definitions, we may be sure that these things have some similarities. It is sure that binary options are the action which has to involve money or something valuable and its outcome has to be determined by chance, just like in gambling. Therefore, are binary options gambling or not it is specifically up to you. Does your trade depend on chance? Do you have the strategy or invest randomly? If the first answer was positive and the second was that you do invest randomly and without extensive research, then it means that you are gambling with binary options.

So, if you want to know how to gamble on binary options, you only need to know how to gamble, in general, let yourself as well as your money in the hands of pure luck and hope for the best. There is no difference from betting on red or black while playing roulette and trading a random option.

Nevertheless, many experts recommend that you do not gamble with binary options, and stress the fact that gambling over the time means losing the money. So if you are trying to make a profit with binary options, then you should rather focus on the strategy, and improve your knowledge of the market regularly, even though the element of chance is always present. The financial market is not a safe market, and you can never be sure that your investing will pay off, but on the other hand, you cannot say that you are gambling if you observe the market and the elements which can improve your chances of the positive outcome.

It is all about the percentages

Everything that you do 50 percent of the time will have the positive outcome. If you had a way of predicting that positive outcome will happen 60 percent of the time, through the period of the time, you would eventually make money. Therefore you would be able to say that you are investing not gambling.

However, one thing needs to be stressed, and it is the fact that binary options attract different kinds of people who are eager to make money, and not only the people who gamble on online poker sites. Even if we admit that binary options are gambling, we need to have one thing in mind. When we gamble, the outcome of a dice roll, for example, is not influenced by all the other previous rolls of that same dice, while in trading the price action of an asset we will observe its historical price action to make the next step. Educated binary options traders will never admit that they are gambling, but if you love the online casino and similar ways of earning money, binary options can also be a market for you.

Demo Accounts

There are many options you can try, which are all available as part of exchange, it can be interesting as well, and you will know that you participate in something big. There are demo accounts available for all those who are eager to explore these possibilities for themselves.


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So, if you are eager to trade, and not gamble, then you can explore all the necessary things you need to know before you get going with binary options. There are many tutorials and guides, as well as reviews which can help you to make your first steps on the trading platforms.

60-Second Binary Options Trading Strategy

How to trade 60-second binary options is the very common question. This 60-second binary options trading strategy should not be used by itself, but rather as a part of your trades and overall trading strategy. Therefore, it will be much more effective.

If we want it to be effective, it should be a part of your overall 60-second trading strategy. The “series” trade need to include three identical contracts, which are purchased 10-25 seconds apart. Every contract should cost the same. In this case, it is significant to mention that volatility determines the purchase intervals. Consequently, as volatility rises, your spacing intervals should rise as well.

Besides, the default spacing which should be used most of the time is 10 seconds. In cases when volatility is particularly high for your asset, you should make your intervals last between 15-25 seconds. Moreover, they should never exceed 30 seconds, because the first contract can expire before you purchase the third. The exact spacing time is not critical if the above guidelines are strictly followed. Following these steps will not provide instant success; however, it will surely make you better over the time.

Trading Binary Options vs. Blackjack

Both of these actions require some skills. Counting cards is a way to gain information, which is a necessary step when trading with binary options. Further, keeping track of the cards will allow players to make better decisions. But if you want to earn some extra money quickly binary options betting is a better choice.

Blackjack is a game, and the events that occur during the game cannot affect the events outside of the game. So in blackjack you must gather information every time you start a new game, while in binary options information you already know can be used and further extended.

Further, if you play blackjack, you cannot be sure how much money you are about to win or lose on a given a hand. In the case of binary options trading, your potential gain is already determined, and your potential loss is limited the amount you initially invested.